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Joe Hopkins

CPA, MBA, Former CFO

Michael Sullivan

Former IRS Agent, Teaching Instructor

David Hoines

Civil/Criminal, Tax Attorney

Peter Salinger

EA, Former IRS Revenue Officer

Who is Keith Jones?

Keith Jones is a highly experienced CPA with over 34 years in the field of taxation, recognized for his deep understanding of client's needs and challenges.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in the small coastal town of Port Saint Joe, Florida, Keith earned his Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in accounting from Florida State University’s College of Business. He became a licensed CPA advisor in Florida in October 1995.

Client-Centric Approach

He has observed that most individuals he assists are not avoiding taxes on purpose, but are unable to pay due to financial hardships often caused by life events like illness, personal loss, or job setbacks. This insight shapes his approach to tax consultation, where he emphasizes educating clients about tax debt relief programs and guiding them toward financial freedom.

Commitment to Clients and Field

Keith’s commitment to his clients and his field is evident in his professional journey and his approach to tax consultation.

Professional Background

Keith’s early career included working as an auditor and senior tax specialist at the Florida Department of Revenue, experiences that enriched his knowledge during his studies and CPA preparation.

Recognition and Achievements

After passing his CPA exam, he became the division controller at the St. Joe Company, where his significant contributions earned him national recognition and an induction into the AICPA’s Business & Industry Hall of Fame.
His aim? To help taxpayers manage their tax obligations effectively, minimize tax liabilities, and resolve tax-related challenges. This helps them achieve financial stability, peace of mind, and long-term financial well-being.

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Why Keith?

Expertise at Home

With over 34 years of tax specialization, Keith brings his wealth of knowledge directly to you, making complex tax resolutions accessible from your home.

Virtual Efficiency

Keith offers a contemporary, virtual approach that simplifies communication and ensures secure data exchange through a user-friendly online platform. This saves you time and reduces any unnecessary hassle.

Proven Success

Keith's track record of resolving tax issues is solidified by his AICPA Hall of Fame induction and his impactful career roles. This history of success means your tax concerns are in capable hands.

Deep Tax Knowledge

Keith's expertise in IRS and state tax laws is unparalleled. He offers personalized solutions for complex tax challenges, ensuring fair and informed tax settlements.

Secure and Streamlined Service

Experience a seamless and confidential process with Keith. He guarantees a smooth journey from consultation to resolution, giving you peace of mind.

All-Encompassing Tax Help

Keith doesn’t just provide tax relief; he delivers comprehensive CPA tax services. From back tax settlements to proactive planning, he tailors his approach to your specific financial needs.

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Commitment to Professional Growth and Contribution:
Keith's Involvement with FICPA

Keith Jones’s dedication as a CPA tax accountant to the accounting field and his passion for professional growth and contribution is evident through his extensive involvement with the Florida Institute of Certified Public Accountants (FICPA). His multifaceted and impactful roles within the FICPA showcase his commitment to advancing the accounting profession and giving back to the community, including positions like:

  • Past President of the Miracle Strip Chapter of FICPA.
  • Member of the Finance Committee for four years.
  • Board of Governors member for twelve years.
  • Chairman of the FSU Accounting Conference, earning the Chair of the Year accolade.
  • Active participant in various committees.
Keith Jones’s remarkable journey within the FICPA reflects his unwavering commitment to professional growth, education, and the betterment of the accounting community. His leadership and contributions continue to inspire and benefit countless individuals in the field.

To promptly deliver expert tax resolution and effective resolution services to individuals and businesses facing tax challenges. My mission is to empower clients with immediate and precise solutions, leveraging over 34 years of experience. I am dedicated to equipping clients with the knowledge and strategies needed to confidently address their tax obligations, ensuring financial security and peace of mind.

We stand by our commitment to resolve your tax concerns with the utmost transparency and round-the-year support.

Dealing with tax resolution and planning can often feel challenging and a bit perplexing.

But that’s exactly the reason I’m here for you. My role is to simplify these tasks, taking on the heavy lifting so you don’t have to. Remember, in taxes, timing is key, and acting swiftly makes all the difference. I’m committed to offering straightforward, empathetic support, directly addressing your concerns, and prioritizing your financial health at every turn.

Keith Jones,

CEO & Founder

Values that Guide us

Commitment to Excellence

Keith's dedication to excellence in both his professional and personal life sets a standard for continuous improvement.


Recognition as a Regional Vice President exemplifies his leadership qualities and the value of leadership in professional growth.

Balanced Life

Finding joy in life's simple pleasures and cherishing family time highlights the importance of work-life balance.

Service to Others

Keith's commitment to assisting individuals in resolving tax problems underscores the value of service and making a positive impact on others' lives.


His successful career as a tax professional demonstrates the value of expertise and continuous learning in one's chosen field.

Client-Centered Approach

A deep commitment to client well-being emphasizes the importance of a client-centered approach in any profession.

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Our expert team is here to overcome all your challenges along the way. Don't let tax concerns continue to impact your financial well-being. Get in touch for a stress-free tax journey!


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faith wilson
faith wilson
He was a lot of help he gave me options to where i could get help in my area for free..
cain Jacobs
cain Jacobs
I was in a bad situation and looking for "the best" tax consultant. I found Keith Jones. He is definitely the best!! Keith saved me thousands of dollars, is patient, knowledgeable and professional. If you need the best it's Keith Jones.
Glenda Dickie
Glenda Dickie
Keith provides excellent service. He is knowledgeable, helpful, and prompt. I highly recommend him for any tax preparation.
Isaac R
Isaac R
Keith guided me thru all the process with empathy and trust. He cares about people... thanks to him now I can sleep at night. Very knowledgeable about IRS and tax resolution matters. Thank you Keith, God bless you
Benjamin Russell
Benjamin Russell
Keith L. Jones is not only a professional IRS resolution specialist but is the most personable and responsive CPA that I have ever met. Keith is more than able to help with your IRS issues and is able to do so in a manner that will give you a fresh start with your tax situation. In addition to tax resolution, Keith cares about resolving all of his clients issues and has a large network of industry professionals that he can leverage making his firm a platform for all of your professional service needs.
Mounia J
Mounia J
Keith and his staff are amazing to work with. Excellent service and communication. Very knowledgeable, professional and patient. I highly recommend! Thanks Keith and Jamie!
Donna Bramante
Donna Bramante
I spoke with keith and he put me at ease... Not Knowing which way to turn he guided me and helped me sort out my issues with confidence. He never made me feel rushed or that my problems were not important. A real personable professional. Thank you Keith..🙂
Keith is top notch in my book. He has been my CPA for the last four tax years. He does an extremely thorough and competent job. If you want someone who knows all of the tax laws, and someone who will work hard for you, Keith is your guy. Both he and his staff are extremely courteous and professional. I’ve referred several of my employees to him. He always goes above and beyond to get the best results legally possible for you. Whether you run a small business, or just an individual, you will not be disappointed.